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Title: Outperforming Emerging Market Securities Using Simple Technical Strategy (United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and Indonesian Stock Markets)
Authors: Al-Ghafli, Mohammed Hussain Bin Mutlaq
Keywords: Indonesian stock markets
United Arab Emirates stock markets
Brazil stock markets
emerging market
markets securities
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The Dissertation made is to examine whether the technical analysis used in the emerging market can be profitable or not. Also if such way of analysis is proven successful, what is the proper way that such analysis should be used to gain the possible maximum profit and mostly avoid the downtrends and share depreciations? Within the thesis, we will view a strategy that have been putting to gather using simple moving averages to serve the need of proving the ability of technical indicators to beat the emerging markets leader securities. For measuring this strategy, we will view the result generated on the emerging markets securities of United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and Indonesia; and compare it with the results of the United States markets securities through by the daily trading observations. With the results given to proof the objectives required, we will also examine the limitation of such strategy used.
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