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Title: The relational structure of improvisation: A case illustration from corporate video production, International Studies in Management and Organization
Authors: Pinnington, Ashly, H.
Morris, Timothy
Pinnington, Claire
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Routledge
Series/Report no.: International Studies of Management & Organization;
Abstract: Recent research on improvisation has led to development of the concept of minimal structures, which refers to social and technical resources applied in action. We examine the relational structure of improvisation by analyzing a case study of a pharmaceutical company conference and by applying Bourdieu's theory of practice in order to assess the significance of context. This analysis recommends greater investigation of commonplace work settings, and concludes with the salience of field and participant relational structures for improvisation. In this case study, the minimal structure of the performance is central to the specific form and content of the improvisation; but influences from the wider context also are found to demonstrate significant effects upon the participants' disposition to play.
ISSN: 0020-8825
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