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Title: Education for employment: Omani graduates’ perspective toward the ‘work readiness’ competencies needed in the labour market
Authors: Radwan, Dima Mohammed
Keywords: unemployment
Omani graduates’
work readiness
labour market
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Unemployment have been a stressed issued in our century; different stake holders involved in this issue have been struggling to aligned their objectives, and develop the most suitable plan and polices to reduce unemployment percentage amongst youth all over the world in general and in Oman in particular. Many claims and causations raised by different stake holders, pointed a finger toward youth perception and willingness to adapt to the market demand and lean the skills needed. This research collected information about Omani graduates from eight different regions in Oman, graduated from eleven different public and private poste secondary institutions. Omani graduates showed high level of interest in developing their skills, yet their priorities and interests don’t align with the market needs. They also showed low level on self-learning, where they are mainly relayed on educators, employer and government to provide the learning opportunity and tools needed to join the labour market. In principle they share the same features with their sibling worldwide, this is because of the complexity nature of transferring knowledge from education sector to the business sector, researchers pushed to a notion where all stake holders interact effectively together to align their objectives and move the youth development forward.
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