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    • A Multiagent Approach for Diagnostic Expert Systems via the Internet 

      Shaalan, Khaled F.; Rafea, Ahmed A.; El-Badry, Mona (Elsevier, 2004)
      In recent years there has been considerable interest in the possibility of building complex problem solving systems as groups of co-operating experts. This has led us to develop a multiagent expert systems capable to run ...
    • Machine Translation of English Noun Phrases into Arabic 

      Shaalan, Khaled F.; Rafea, Ahmed A.; MONEIM, AZZA ABDEL; BARAKA, HODA (2004)
      The present work reports our attempt in automating the translation of English noun phrase (NP) into Arabic. Translating NP is a very important task toward sentence translation since NPs form the majority of textual content ...
    • An expert system for the best weight distribution on ferryboats 

      Shaalan, Khaled F.; Rizk, Mohammed; Abdelhamid, Yasser; Bahgat, Reem (2004)
      There are some problems that need expertise in order to get a satisfactory solution. Ferryboat carries goods, fresh water, diesel oil, luggage and storing rooms up to its permissible draft in order to maintain safety ...
    • A Framework for Information Extraction, Storage and Retrieval 

      El-Beltagy, Samhaa R.; Said, Mohammed; Shaalan, Khaled F. (2004)
      This paper presents a set of tools that were developed in order to facilitate and speed up the process of building information extraction and retrieval systems for documents that exhibit a set of predefined characteristics. ...
    • Towards Resolving Ambiguity in Understanding Arabic Sentence 

      Rafea, Ahmed A.; Shaalan, Khaled F. (2004)
      Ambiguity is a major reason why computers do not yet understand natural language. We have made great deal strides towards developing tools for morphological and syntactic analyzers for Arabic in recent years. The absence ...
    • An Interactive System for Association Rule Discovery for Life Assurance 

      Rafea, Ahmed A.; Shafik, Suzanne S.; Shaalan, Khaled F. (2004)
      This paper uses prior domain knowledge to guide the mining of association rules in life assurance business environment. This approach is used in order to overcome the drawbacks of data mining using rule induction such as ...