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dc.contributor.authorNcube, Cornelius-
dc.contributor.authorLim, Soo Ling-
dc.contributor.authorDogan, Huseyin-
dc.identifier.citationC. Ncube, S. L. Lim and H. Dogan, "Identifying top challenges for international research on requirements engineering for systems of systems engineering," 2013 21st IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), Rio de Janeiro, 2013, pp. 342-344.en_US
dc.description.abstractDue to an increasingly connected society and industry, our modern societal world and all industry sectors now increasingly depend on large-scale complex Systems of Systems (SoS). The emerging interdisciplinary area of SoS and Systems of Systems Engineering (SoSE) is largely driven by societal needs including public services such as health, transport, water, energy, food security, etc. The scale, complexities and challenges presented by SoS require us to go beyond traditional Requirements Engineering (RE) approaches. However, as is evident from publications in major Requirements Engineering conferences and journals, no significant effort has been expedited towards addressing specific RE issues for Systems of Systems Engineering. This panel explores key RE challenges in Systems of Systems Engineering, specifically, the areas in which the international RE community need to focus its research, and the approaches that are most likely to meet these challenges effectively. We first introduce Systems of Systems Engineering and outline key characteristics of SoS. We conclude by arguing that there is an urgent need for the global RE community to develop new ways of thinking, new capabilities and possibly a new science as a key mechanism for addressing requirements complexities posed by Systems of Systems.en_US
dc.titleIdentifying top challenges for international research on requirements engineering for systems of systems engineeringen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
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