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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-04The Sands of Time: The allocation and use of instructional time in English and Mathematics in private and public schools in England and DubaiSayer, Fiona M.
2010-03Science Education and Provisions for Learners with Physical Disabilities in Public Primary Schools in Dubai: An Investigative StudyAlmehairi, Kaltham Rashed Alyateem
2010-02Security in wire/wireless networks: sniffing attacks prevention/detection techniques in LAN networks & the effect on biometric technologyAl-Hemairy, Moh'd Hussain
2009-09Segregation and Inclusion: A comparative analysis of three different educational settings for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the United Arab EmiratesPurswani, Gauri Girdhari
2018-10Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete StructuresKANDY, ARCHANA THUNDY
2009-02Self-Assessment Against EFQM Excellence Model In Public Sector In UAEAl Shemaili, Shaikha Rashed
2009-02Self-Organization and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Taxi DispatchAlshamsi Omran, Aamena Ali Ahmed
2018-11Sensitivity analysis of work plane illuminance to room surface reflectance valuesWAFI, RANA BASHIR
2013-04Sensory Pollution from Treated Wood Panels on Perceived Air Quality and Human ComfortEl Danaf, Taher Salah
2015-12Sentiment analysis for ArabicSiddiqui, Sanjeera
2011-03Shortest-time route finding using inter-vehicular communicationChaqfeh, Moumena Abdullah
2019-01Simulation & Analysis of the Helicopter Transmission SystemLASFER, ABDALLAH
2012-06Simulation Study of Thermal Effects of Vegetation Covered Sand dune mounds within the Landscape around Urban Structures in the UAEAl-Yaqoob, Dana
2018-07Single-gender vs. Coeducational Classrooms in the Primary School: A Comparative and Relational Case Study of Student Engagement and AchievementSARYEDDINE, BASSAM NABIL
2019-09“Smart Home” - From A Concept To A Living Product in the UAEAtaei, Bahareh
2017-07Smart Safe Cities Technology Architecture to Assure Citizens’ Happiness and Future Foresight to Achieve United Arab Emirates 100 Year Vision: Response Readiness, National Resilience and Future AccelerationsAL HASSAN, MOHAMMAD KHALED
2009-09A smiling tree: an empirical evaluation on binomial tree methods for local volatility modelAl Alem, Mouaz Abdul Ghani
2006Social capital and knowledge acquisition in professional-client relationshipsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Suseno, Yuliani; Gardner, John; Shulman, Arthur D.
2019-12Social Commerce Trust Factors and Users' Perspectives: A Study in UAE Based on Trust-Extended Technology Acceptance ModelAbdulrazzaq, Reem
2013-08Social networks and crowdsourcing for stakeholder analysis in system of systems projectsNcube, Cornelius; Lim, Soo Ling