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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05Exploring Key Drivers of Employee Engagement from an HR Perspective in the Industrial Sector of Sohar, OmanAL-SAADI, AHMED MOHAMMED
2011-02Exploring Key Success Factors in Implementing Project Management Processes to Ease Strategy ExecutionSaeed Al Huwaidi, Shahd Ahmad
2019-11Exploring Machine Learning Models to Predict Harmonized System CodeAL Taheri, Fatma
2007-08Exploring peer observation, reflective practice and tacit knowledgeKeith, Pauline Angela Francesca
2017-10Exploring Practices to Utilize Information Technology Towards a Greener Environment, and Studying the Financial Implications of those Practices on Individuals and CorporationsAL NABTITI, MOHAMMED WALEED
2016-09Exploring Second Language Writing Steps and Strategies that EFL Students with Different Language Proficiency Levels Used in the Writing ProcessALMOQBALI, ABDULLAH MOHMMED KHAMIS
2020-06Exploring Successful implementation of Sustainable Construction Management Practices in Dubai (UAE)Alkhatatbeh, Deya
2017-03Exploring Sustainable Strategies for Shelter Design at Refugee Camps: The Case of Domiz 1 Refugee Camp in IraqAL AMEEN, FARAH
2019-11Exploring Teaching and Learning of Critical Thinking in Private Schools in DubaiWaqas, Sumiya
2019-04Exploring the Adoption of 3D Printing for Reducing Capital and Operational Costs of Façades in Office BuildingsALZAROONI, MARYAM ANWAR
2013-01Exploring the characteristics of project alliancing in oil & gas Industry Linking the benefits, expected risks and the project outcomesRokhsari, Amir H
2016-10Exploring the Critical Success Criteria and Factors of Adopting Technological Innovation in the U.A.E Public SectorsAl Marzooqi, Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed
2016-03Exploring the effect of change order on the project team bahavior and performanceAldhaheri, Ahmed
2018-06Exploring the effectiveness of Continuing Medical Education programs accredited by UAE University on Health care professional’s knowledge: Expectations vs. satisfactionAL ESSA, AWAD MANSOUR AWAD
2012-09Exploring the Impact of Globalization on Project Management: Investigating through the Critical Elements – Definition, Differentiation & Dimensions of Global ProjectShaikh, Mohammed Ovees
2018-01Exploring the Impact of Teacher Talk in English Grammar Explanation: Using a Conversation Analysis PerspectiveALKHAZRAJI, ASMAA MHWAFAQ
2020-01Exploring the Influence of Expatriation on Individual Identities and Shopping Behaviours in the UAESerap, Emik
2012-03Exploring the readiness of private sector organizations in the UAE to implement and benefit from Project Portfolio Management (PPM)Marzoughi, Ebrahim Hassan
2017-02Exploring the Understanding and Practices of Learner Autonomy by Students and EFL Teachers at Boys’ Secondary Schools in OmanAl-MAQBALI, WAHEED ABDULLAH MOHAMMED
2014Exploring the Value of Project Management: Linking Project Management Performance and Project SuccessMir, Farzana Asad; Pinnington, Ashly H.