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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Single-gender vs. Coeducational Classrooms in the Primary School: A Comparative and Relational Case Study of Student Engagement and AchievementSARYEDDINE, BASSAM NABIL
2019-09“Smart Home” - From A Concept To A Living Product in the UAEAtaei, Bahareh
2017-07Smart Safe Cities Technology Architecture to Assure Citizens’ Happiness and Future Foresight to Achieve United Arab Emirates 100 Year Vision: Response Readiness, National Resilience and Future AccelerationsAL HASSAN, MOHAMMAD KHALED
2009-09A smiling tree: an empirical evaluation on binomial tree methods for local volatility modelAl Alem, Mouaz Abdul Ghani
2006Social capital and knowledge acquisition in professional-client relationshipsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Suseno, Yuliani; Gardner, John; Shulman, Arthur D.
2019-12Social Commerce Trust Factors and Users' Perspectives: A Study in UAE Based on Trust-Extended Technology Acceptance ModelAbdulrazzaq, Reem
2013-08Social networks and crowdsourcing for stakeholder analysis in system of systems projectsNcube, Cornelius; Lim, Soo Ling
2018-11Society 5.0 A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical spaceALHEFEITI, FATMAH SAIF OBAID
2016-07A Solution for Future Designs using Techniques from Vernacular Architecture of Southern Iran, EvazMirahmadi, Fatima
2015-04Solutions for the UAE Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry to mandate Building Information Modeling (BIM)Omar, Hany Salah
2018Special Education Teachers’ Perceptions on Using Technology for Communication PracticesSiyam, Nur
2007-09Speech-to-speech example based translation: English to ArabicMirza, Ali Arshad
2012-03State of Global Financial Crime In-­depth Analysis on GCC CountriesOdeh, Layan Mazen
2016-01The Status of ESL / EFL Continuous Professional Development in Private Schools in the U.A.E Based on the Perceptions of In-Service Teachers and AdministratorsAl-Azzawi, Saad Hikmat
2006-09Stigma in the Classroom: an investigation into the area of Stigmatized Students at Private Schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Hasiba, Nourhan Mahmoud
2013-04Strategic change in knowledge management and e-Learning: enhancing workplace learningOwayid, Ali Mahdi
03-01-2012A Strategic HRM and Project Management in an Abu Dhabi Governmental Organization – UAEKhouri, Sarra Ahmed
2013-04The Strategic HRM and Satisfaction Behaviours in Defenders Strategy Based OrganisationsAl-Hawashim, Ahmed Mohammed S
2011Strategic Management and IHRMPinnington, Ashly, H.
2011-04Strategies for Promoting & Integrating Renewable Energy Resources in UAEAl-Amir, Jawaher Hassan