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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
01-01-2009Accelerating Human Resource Development in Saudi ArabiaAbuljadayel, Sara Nizar
01-02-2002Leadership Style and its Influence on Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment A Study Encompassing the Construction Industry of Dubai, United Arab EmiratesChaudhry, Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Haq
02-01-2010The impact of leadership on organizational conflict and turnover in UAE organizationsAl Mualla, Fatima Saeed
02-01-2011Exploring barriers to muliticulturalism and gender diversity in KSA and UAE: a comparative case studyLutfi, Rania Abdel Hamid
02-01-2012Fostering the Commitment of the Employees to their Corporations through the Corporate Culture: A Case Study of a Telecom CorporationLootah, Mohamed Saeed
03-01-2009High Performance Teams in the UAE: a Case Study in EtisalatAl Ansari, Mohammed Saeed Obaid
03-01-2009Triggers and Conditions for Innovations in DubaiAssalama, Iman
03-01-2009Impact of Cultural Variations on Knowledge Transfer in International Joint Ventures – The UAE ExampleAljawi, Mohammed Hassan
03-01-2009IT Outsourcing in Government Organizations in United Arab EmiratesAlHammadi, Huda Mohamed
03-01-2010Innovation in oil and gas industry: Are we enjoying an innovative organization climate. A case study of an oil and gas organization in UAEAl Marzouqi, Ameena Mohamed Hassan
03-01-2011A research on knowledge management Key Performance Indicators and its effect on employee behaviour to share knowledge and the impact on organization performance in organization in the UAEBahlooq, Ali Abdulla Ahmad
03-01-2012How Women can enhance the Level of Innovation: Case Studies of Women’s Contributions in the Construction Sector in the UAEAs’ad, Samah Rebhi
03-01-2012A Strategic HRM and Project Management in an Abu Dhabi Governmental Organization – UAEKhouri, Sarra Ahmed
03-01-2012Claims Management and Substantiation in the United Arab Emirates Construction SectorZubaida, Nael Maher
04-01-2009An assessment of leadership and team process effectiveness in IT ProjectsNinan, Mathews K
04-01-2012Managing the Risk of Needlestick Injury in U.A.E. HospitalsMustafa, Soha Saeed Ahmed
05-01-2010Leadership and organizational citizenship behavior in islamic banks: the case of the UAEAl Obaidli, Hanan
05-01-2011Organisational Culture and Teamwork in Governmental Organization: The Case of the U.A.EAl Romaithi, Amna Abdulla
05-01-2011Project-Based Organization Structure and ProcurementBahroozyan, Abdulla Mohamed Abdulla
06-01-2008The Influence of Educational Technology and an Analytical Study of it's Efficacy on the Education System in Al AinAl Rashdi, Hamad Rashed