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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013The Effect of Indoor Air Quality on Occupants’ Health and Performance in Office Buildings in DubaiAlSumaiti, Abeer
Dec-2011The Study of Vegetation Effects on Reduction of Urban Heat Island in DubaiRajabi, Tahereh
Sep-2006A Study of Women in Educational Leadership in Dubai: A Private Sector PerspectiveSim, Rachael Elizabeth
Jan-2015Toward Professionalising Teaching in the UAE: An Investigation of Emirati Public Secondary School Teachers’ Understanding of Their Profession in DubaiAlmarzouqi, Asma
Oct-2009Investigating the effect of Light Pipes, as Daylight Strategy, on Employee Performance Levels in High-Rise Office Buildings in the UAEAsad, Dyala Sami
Oct-2011The Impact of Building Orientation, Opening to Wall Ratio, Aspect Ratio and Envelope Materials on Buildings Energy Consumption in the TropicsAyyad, Tareq Maher
May-2011Critical Evaluation of Psychological Adaptation as a Factor for Determining Thermal Comfort in Public Outdoor Spaces in DubaiTehrani, Maryam Behzadi
Dec-2008A study of a grade 6 elementary ESL class in a private international school in Dubai to determine the main factors affecting their acquisition of the English languageMackay, Abigail
Jun-2010Is Academic Excellence in School Children Based on IQ: A review of private schools in Dubai regarding the gifted and talentedAllana, Ghazala
May-2011The Impact of Speech and Language Difficulties on Teaching and Learning in a Dubai International SchoolClancy, Olive Patricia