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Title: A Study on Effective Communication for Effective Delivery of Programme in Construction Industry
Authors: Shahatit, Muneer Mohammad Ismail
Keywords: effective communication
construction industry
programme management
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Nowadays, a programme management approach is widely used in the construction industry. The programme management approach is usually involves interdependencies between projects. Therefore, there should be effective communication between the programme management team to be able to effectively manage project interdependencies and, thus, effectively deliver the programme . This research investigates major factors that impact effective communication in a construction programme, as well as to what extent effective communication impacts effective programme delivery. The study introduction clarifies the importance and background of the subject, and identifies the research objective. A comprehensive literature review chapter led to the development of a conceptual model. This conceptual model presents a relationship between major factors that impact effective communication in a construction programme and major factors that impacts effective delivery of a construction programme. Two large construction programmes were selected to present the case studies in this research. A qualitative research method, including an interview questionnaire, was used to collect data from two programme managers and six different project managers. Accordingly, collected data was analyzed via the conceptual model. The discussion was made, and comprehensive comparison was conducted between each factor of the two case studies. The study concludes that there is a positive relationship between effective communication in a construction programme and effective delivery of a construction programme. The study also concluded that information symmetry between different teams and the programme management team, interpersonal communication skills for the programme and project managers, and team commitment to effective communication are the fundamental factors required in order to ensure effective communication in a construction programme.
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