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Title: Strategic Management and IHRM
Authors: Pinnington, Ashly, H.
Keywords: human resource management
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Sage Publications
Abstract: This book provides an integrated research-based perspective of the consequences of internationalisation for the management of people across borders. The book’s comprehensiveness is evidenced by its broad and global coverage. •We commence with a thorough overview of the main ways that IHRM has been conceptualised to date. IHRM has been linked to strategy, viewed through comparative HRM research and seen from cultural, institutional, market and organisational perspectives. •The second section of this book addresses expatriate management and employment practices seen from both their external environment and the internal environment of the MNC. It ends with a review of the state of the art of the literature on organisational and individual performance. •In the third section we consider the current state of the field on IHRM practices, which attends to the role of globalisation and the extent to which HRM differs between countries, and the underlying reasons for these differences. •In the fourth section we then turn to consider how IHRM appears to be developing and changing in relation to issues of gender, work-life, regulation of employment, social responsibility, sustainability and diversity. A second distinctive feature of this book is its solid research base. All chapters have been specifically commissioned for this book and all authors are experts and active researchers in their respective fields. Rather than having a final chapter with ‘recent developments and challenges in IHRM’, we have given all authors the clear brief to supplement classic theories and models with cutting-edge research and developments. A third and final distinctive characteristic of this book is that it is truly international, both in its outlook and in its author base. Authors use examples from all over the world and their research base extends beyond the traditional American research literature. Although many authors are currently working at American, European and Australian universities, virtually all have extensive international experience and their countries of origin are very varied.
ISBN: 9781847872838 (hbk).; 9781847872937 (pbk).
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