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Title: Improving Project Management in the UAE through Effective Interdependency Management
Authors: Shams, Tahereh
Keywords: project management
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
portfolio investment
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The study involves the analysis of project management interdependencies. Evidently, the investors who engage a portfolio of investments are essentially challenged before realizing success from such investments. The challenge is attached to the fact that most of them are mutually exclusive project, which compete for the available opportunities. Analytically, the study will define such challenges and formulate a resolution for their improvement in project management. It is an empirical study, which incorporates the concept of quantitative and qualitative methodology. Significantly, the findings will be analyzed to formulate a clear conclusion asserting what should be done to improve the project interdependencies. The information will be applied to recommend the areas of weakness in portfolio investment.
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