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Title: Types of PMO and their roles in the UAE Oil & Gas Production Companies
Authors: Mohamed, Walid Ramadan Ibrahim
Keywords: oil & gas industry
project management
Project Management Office (PMO)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
project performance
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: In spite of that the projects management was studied in depth through the last few decades, it had been noticed that there is a noticeable increase of the project's performance dissatisfaction in worldwide in terms of achieving their objectives within the approved budget and schedule. Some researchers argued that this failure might be due to the increase in the concurrent projects number in big organizations which were increasing the project management complexity while competing, and in the same time depleting the organization resources. The Project Management Office (PMO) was considered as one of the most important ways in supporting the concurrent multiple projects to achieve their objectives by sharing or re-allocating the available resources of these projects, besides providing support in many other ways. One of the most important business fields in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that had so many concurrent projects was the oil and gas production business field in Abu Dhabi. This research tried to investigate the existence, types and sizes of the PMOs in the oil and gas companies in Abu Dhabi, and tried to define their roles in enhancing the projects performance and the project management processes, in general, in these companies. The subject was reviewed in the literatures to trying to find out the PMOs’ worldwide types, sizes and most important roles and functions. The outputs of the literature review were compared with the data collected through the interviews with some of the senior managers in Abu Dhabi oil and gas production companies. The qualitative analysis findings confirmed that there are different types, sizes, and roles of the PMO in these companies, while none of them was called a “PMO” at any time. Accordingly, the research recommended some recommendations that might help in empowering these PMOs in these companies and helping them to achieve more projects performance enhancement.
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