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Title: Utilizing Web activities to generate revenue for Airports - with focus on Social Media
Authors: Al Agha, Mohamad S.
Keywords: airport
web technologies
social media
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Airports are being nowadays considered as Commercial profit centers rather than public cost centers. The nature of the airports being entities that offer a range of service for its customers and tenants such as travel, tourism, accommodation, shopping, parking and many more; makes it a huge potential for commercial revenue. Until today, web technologies where never used to its maximum potential in this industry, where there lies a huge potential for enhanced customer service as well as revenue sources. Moreover, while the web is being used effectively in many industries, very little research has been done on how to use the various web technologies specifically for the airport industry.This dissertation provides an in depth case study on utilizing Web technologies – Social Media specifically – for revenue generation opportunities in the Airport industry. The analysis carried out in this dissertation on Abu Dhabi International Airport, lays out a well-structured methodology for analyzing the level of web utilization of an airport on the net, identifying opportunities for increasing such presence, and assessing the potential impact of such opportunities. A thorough analysis was done to identify how the various forms of web activities can be best utilized for airports. A number of web activities were identified as potential revenue source and were explored for monetization strategies. A set of recommendation are offered to airports management to maximize their benefit of their web presence and to open new forms of revenue and unique customer service. A first in the world implementation of an innovative service using the Social Media platform twitter and integrating it with the airports Flight Information Display system was introduced in this dissertation and holds a huge potential for revenue using the advertising business model proposed and built behind it. The findings of the analysis and the implementation of the mentioned Social media application, lays the groundwork for further research on implementing and measuring the ROI on the various monetization strategies.
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