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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Effects of Science Inquiry-based Professional Development (IBPD) on Teachers’ Attitudes, Knowledge, and Practices in UAEAmaireh, Rania
2017-03Impact of practice teaching on student-teachers teaching skills: A study from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates’ A Study conducted in a Higher Education Institute level in the UAEALMANSOORI, AFRA GHAREEB AHMED MOHAMMED
2018-01Perceptions of teachers in Abu Dhabi private schools towards their professional development, its impact on practitioners and students’ performanceELMANSOURY, MOHAMED SALEH ElSAYED
2011-05The Impact of Speech and Language Difficulties on Teaching and Learning in a Dubai International SchoolClancy, Olive Patricia
2013-04What Professional Development Areas could be recommended to Support Teachers in Middle Government Schools in the Emirate of Sharjah for Effective Inclusive Education?Elbediwy, Mohamed Gamil
2017-10Designing professional development to help teachers to implement curriculum in private schools in DubaiMARASHDEH, SUZAN
2019-03The Knowledge Functionality in the Teachers’ Online Social Networks (TOSN) in UAEAL-RASSOUL, ASHRAF SHAWKY
2018-10The effectiveness of school leadership on teachers’ performance and students’ achievement: A case study of a private school in DubaiDABASH, ALAA NAIM ALI
2011-01The impact of one-to-one laptop oriented classrooms on student achievementAl Rahl, Ahmed M.M.
2019-09Reliability and Utility of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test and Its Impact on Students' Learning: A Study in an American Curriculum School in DubaiEl Dor, Rana