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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05The Impact of Inquiry based Learning and Explicit Instruction of the Nature of Science on Students’ Views of the Nature of ScienceHAWASH, WAEL ABOU
2017-10Designing professional development to help teachers to implement curriculum in private schools in DubaiMARASHDEH, SUZAN
2017-08The Role of Gender in the Apology Strategies of Advanced Saudi EFL StudentsGONI, FAWZIA
2017-08A Study of the Impact of Implicit and Explicit Approaches to Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition using Reading Comprehension ExercisesQENAWY, KHALID MOHAMED AHMED
2017-07A Study to Investigate the Impact of Personification of Grammar on Second Grade EFL in UAEDAKEN, BAIAN ABO
2017-08Leading and communicating transformational change: A case study of a higher education institution in UAEALNAQBI, AMIRA KHAMIS
2017-12Towards an Effective Language Learning Styles, Strategies and Teaching Methods: An Investigative Research Based on Multicultural -EAL Primary PupilsSHEIKH, NORA NOUR
2017-11Exploration of STEM Reforms for Developing an Effective Large‐scale, Research‐based Policy in the UAE STEMAL QURAAN, ELAINE
2017-10Perceptions and Views Regarding the Role of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCos) and Challenges Affecting the Role in the United Arab of Emirates (UAE)HAMMAD, AMAL
2017-11Suggested Approach to Bridge the Gap between Grade 4 and grade 5 throughdeveloping the English Language Reading skills in Madar International School based on CCS standardsHarraz, Salma