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Title: The Effect of Metacognitive Strategies on Reading Comprehension Ability of Grade three Students in one of the Iranian Schools in Dubai
Authors: Tabar, Fatemeh Pashmi
Keywords: metacognitive strategies
reading comprehension ability
Iranian schools
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
educational psychology
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The concept of metacognition, which is defined as ‘thinking about thinking’, has become a case of concern in field of Educational Psychology. Many researchers have highlighted the crucial role of metacognition in reading comprehension ability of students. This study focuses on the impact of teaching metacognitive strategies on reading comprehension ability of grade 3 students in one of the Iranian schools in Dubai through quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection from both students and their teachers by means of test scores and interviews. In order to answer the research questions descriptive and inferential statistics were used. Results of the study shows that the students who received special metacognitive strategy training program for a period of 8-week scored higher as compared to other students who received no treatment. The research reveals that there is positive impact on student’s achievement in reading comprehension, which indicates that metacognitive strategies affected the reading ability of students.
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