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Title: A Study on How Projects Planning Leads to Projects Success
Authors: Alshehhi, Aisha Ali Ahmed Mohammed Suliman Mattr
Keywords: project planning
project execution
project success
project team
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: A project manager’s responsibility by and large as a leader is to guide the entire project team, to work towards successful completion of a project according to the predetermined goals. This research study looks into the connection between project planning and project success taking the case of a construction project. This was done by examining to what extent project planning plays a significant role in ensuring a project attains success status. The major aspects of project planning were examined and they include; requirements definition along with development of project specifications as well as project management processes and benefits of project planning. These pivotal aspects of project planning were analysed with respect to project success as far as the end user, the stakeholders and the entire project team are concerned. A number of researchers indicated that at the project planning stage it is quite challenging for the project team, particularly to accurately determine actual project tasks needed to complete a project. However, in reality project planning ensures fundamental facts about a project such as scope, schedule, design and quality likewise budgets are projected for the entire project life, this in turn impacts the rest of the project phases. This is the case as the project plan documents and guides the execution of project activities while taking into account constraints such as time and quality among many others. In the end, this research has established that given the impact of project planning in every project stage and if done well, it can be a good platform to ensure the project team and project activities continually pull in the same direction to make a project successful. More importantly, project success implies a number of things to the project stakeholders, so a broad definition of project success has to be taken into account when embarking on a project.
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