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Title: Islamic Work Ethics and Employee Performance in the UAE Oil and Gas Industry
Authors: AlMansoori, Yousof
Keywords: Islamic work ethics
employee performance
oil and gas industry
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
job performance
Issue Date: Feb-2012
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: This study contributes to knowledge via concentrating on Islamic Work Ethics impact on employees’ performance in one of the major oil & gas industry firms “X”. Islamic Work Ethics was examined from literature point of view as well as from a quantitative research approach in organization “X”. The relationship between Islamic Work Ethics (IWE) and Employees’ Job Performance (EJP) was examined and developed including impact of factors for each construct. In this dissertation 301 self-rated surveys was used using random electronic method among employees. Thus, data was reviewed and analyzed which reveals that the IWE is leading to positive work attitudes and behavior; there are significant relationship between the IWE and the EJP as well as the IWE factors and the EJP factors. Islamic Work Ethics is a multi-dimensional variable; it has two factors that are Integrity & collectivism orientation and Effort exertion. It is providing Islamic support knowledge for managers / leaders to implement proper business strategy in Muslim cultures. The IWE is supporting, commending positive attitudes, learning and excellent deeds including Excellency that is one of these principles and guidance to humanity. Finally, this research is helping leaders and HR professionals in “X” organization on the way to recruit their candidates, develop manpower and plan the way forward for any change in their leadership methodology as well as developing the staff.
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