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Title: Effective Strategy Implementation Through Project Alignment
Authors: Al Amri, Latifa
Keywords: Project Alignment
strategy implementation
project management
Issue Date:  3
Publisher: British University in Dubai
Abstract: Strategy implementation, alignment and projects are significant elements in understanding strategy. The competitive global market, changing customer preferences, computer and information technology are some of the factors affecting the external environment of the organisation. In the face of these challenges, the research seeks to illustrate the importance of project alignment to organisational strategy and establish the extent of the linkage between projects and organisational strategy to attain successful strategy implementation. This research takes the case study of three national banks in Dubai and interviews six people, two from each organisation. The research comprised a combination of conceptual analysis and qualitative research. Two self-constructed questionnaires were specifically developed for this research purpose. One designed for the senior managers and the other questionnaire designed for the project managers. Some of the findings of the research suggest that the notion of strategy pervades the lifecycle of the organisation; the divide between strategy formulation and strategy implementation is a fictional problem. In respect to alignment, it is currently considered as an important factor when assessing project success; though, to designate alignment as fifth pillar of project success along with the four acknowledged pillars would require the continual efforts of both scholars and practitioners to approve and ratify it. The role of project managers remains conventional in the organisation and project management is unproductively employed. Finally, the framework for strategy implementation must be cognizant of the primordial role of all the people that are involved in the process.
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