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Title: Innovation in oil and gas industry: Are we enjoying an innovative organization climate. A case study of an oil and gas organization in UAE
Authors: Al Marzouqi, Ameena Mohamed Hassan
Keywords: innovative climate
innovative culture
innovative individuals
leadership innovative behaviour
oil and gas industry
Issue Date:  3
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The objective of this study is analysing the innovation climate status in oil and gas industry in UAE. This study is taking the case study of only one oil and gas organization in UAE. There have been lots of initiatives in the candidate organization to stimulate innovation and creativity in the organization. This research is investigating does the candidate organization really have an organization climate that stimulate innovation. The research started with a search in the literature for the description of the innovative culture and climate, and what are the factors of an innovative organization climate. Further, a self-administered questionnaire has been distributed to gather data about the employees‘ perception of their innovative organization climate and management innovative behaviour. The purpose is to compare management responses towards their innovative behaviour and employees‘ response towards their perception of their organization climate. Employees rated their management as high in supervisory support. In addition employees rated the organization as high in caring about the quality of the work. Employees also said they are facing pressure at work. In addition they described the organization as attached to traditional way of doing work. There is a gap found in group of organization climate factors namely, integration, involvement, innovation and flexibility. Employees went in two minds about these factors. 50 % to 60% agreed and 40% to 50% disagreed. Further research has to be conducted to understand where this gap came from. Leadership innovative behaviour could not be related to employees‘ perception of innovative behaviour. Management described them selves as high in innovative behaviour and this contradict employees perception of organization climate.
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