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Title: Project management maturity in public infrastructure departments in Dubai
Authors: Ali, Ali Abdulhussein Jaffer
Keywords: project management
public infrastructure
public secto
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: The British University in Dubai
Abstract: Since the past few years, Dubai has been undergoing a major economic ‘boom’ which has resulted in an increase in demand of public services. Local governments play an important role in the development of the required infrastructure, particularly when it is involved in building the infrastructure. In such cases, knowledge of government’s project management maturity is vital to the success. Unfortunately, there have been no studies to assess the project management maturity of the public infrastructure departments in Dubai. This study aims at assessing the project management maturity in the public sector in Dubai. Main findings of the study indicate that although the state of project management in local governments is not chaotic, improvements are required. This research was concluded by recommending that future studies conduct a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of the project management maturity that shall follow by an action plan.
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