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Title: Evaluating the success factors of emiratization in the banking sector
Authors: AbdulKarim, Aydah
Keywords: emiratization
banking sector
success factors
UAE nationals
UAE government
Issue Date:  9
Publisher: British University in Dubai
Abstract: UAE national’s society is developing very fast but there are still issues of unemployment. Expatriate workforce occupied most of the jobs in private and government sectors than UAE nationals. Although UAE government, via the Ministry of labor, is trying to encourage different companies to embrace Emiratization process, there are still some banks who failed to do so. This research is to evaluate the factors that might attract UAE nationals to work in banks and similarly encourage the banks to employee them. The research discussed Emiratization process in the banking sector through survey conducted in 11 banks and 13 colleges/universities. Opinions for both national bank employees and students were taken into account. Proper recommendations were placed based on the factors.
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