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Title: Decision Making Based on Data Analysis Involving Different Stakeholders in Secondary Public and Private Schools of Dubai
Keywords: decision-making
data analysis
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
secondary public schools
secondary private schools
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: The British University in Dubai
Abstract: Data has beneficial impacts on teachers’ and schools’ performance, hence, it a customary matter for schools since the past time to collect data from a variety of sources. The core of this research is to assess the extent of data availability, its use in decision-making process and assess the decision-making process’s participatory. Other core is to assess the stimulating and hindering factors that affect decision makers’ use of data in Dubai’s public and private secondary schools. Therefore, the study included research objectives, research questions, corresponding hypotheses and a literature review that offers a broad spectrum of definitions included. However, number of different authors' related literature were reviewed under the research problem title. The research was organised as the following; the descriptive research design, using survey method and interviews, data were collected by questionnaire and interview instruments and the main participants were teachers, school leaders (principals, vice principals, department heads) and supervisors. The participants of this study survey were 120 (110 teachers and 10 department heads). In addition, 10 participants in meetings (4 principals, 3 vice principals and 3 supervisors) from 10 different secondary schools. One hundred and ten were retrieved from the survey and used for the study. SPSS was used for analysing the survey. While the research questions depended on data collection in order to bring up answers. The four hypotheses statistically tested by T- test Statistics for independent samples on 0.05 level of significance. Thereafter, the study recommended the following: (a) schools should conduct training programs about data use skills for their staff. (b) develop their data system to promote the education quality. (c) schools should enforce students and parent’s participation as it may promote decision making and implementation processes. (d) school heads should encourage students and teachers to be innovative and share in the improvement process.
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