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Title: Knowledge Management Practices in UAE Construction Sector
Keywords: Knowledge management (KM)
construction industry
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
construction project
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: The British University in Dubai
Abstract: Knowledge management (KM)considered as project asset that add value to the projects and organizations as its useful in delivering the project on time , within budget and with high quality standards to satisfy projects owner. The main purpose of this study to (1) investigate the awareness level of the concept of Knowledge Management (KM) in the construction industry in United Arab Emirates (UAE) andthe important benefits of using KM system in both employees and organization, (2) explore the resources required to implement KM initiatives (3)identify the main barriers to KM implementation and (4) identify the critical KM adoption success factors. The main findings of this study are (1) there is a growing awareness of the important benefits of KM within UAE construction sector but still they are at early stages to gain highest values of KM , (2) almost all companies are providing infrastructure for sharing information and knowledge using more than one kind of resources , (3) the main barrier to implement KM is the nature of construction project in UAE and lack of post projects reviews and documentation , (4) the most critical factors affecting successful implementation of KM in UAE construction companies are leadership commitment , KM strategy and organizational cultural.
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