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Title: Client Causes of Variation in Construction Projects in United Arab Emirates
Keywords: project variation
cross tabulation
client causes
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
construction projects
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The current research paper was to set to investigate client causes of variation in the construction projects in United Arab Emirates. The past literatures were studied and a brief primary research was conducted. The study led to the finding of eleven independent variables that are more likely to impact the dependent variable, project variation. As the goal of the project was to identify the client causes of variation, therefore, all the eleven causes are deeply related to the client in some way or the other. The study led to the understanding that involvement of the client with the project, either more than required or lesser, leads to the project variation. The research paper reviewed previous studies that were associated with the topic to identify the causes. In addition, a primary research was conducted to understand the gravity of the causes. The study led to the understanding that the key variation causes that are faced by the stakeholders are size and the complexity of the project, lack of planning and communication, different opinions among clients and other stakeholders, unsatisfied client, and others.
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