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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Thinking Strategies Used While Engaged in Solving the Tower of Hanoi, the River-crossing and Find the Pattern PuzzlesAwan, Maleha Arif Ullah
2012-09Thwarted Career Ambitions from the Outset of GraduationBhanu, Nithasha
2012-05To What Extent Do Secondary Schools in Northern Emirate (Fujairah) Prepare Students with Special Needs for Inclusion in Higher Education?Masrieh, Kamal Ibrahim
2014-05To What Extent is Humanistic Language Teaching Incorporated in the Instructional Practices of the Foundation Teachers in Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)-Fujairah, UAE? A Case StudyAbu Khait, Baha Eddin Hussein Shukri
2012-10Total Quality Management Implementation: A Study to Critical Success Factors and Continuous Improvement to UAE organizationsAl Ali, Essa AbdulAziz Ahmed Saif
2015-01Toward Professionalising Teaching in the UAE: An Investigation of Emirati Public Secondary School Teachers’ Understanding of Their Profession in DubaiAlmarzouqi, Asma
2017-12Towards an Effective Language Learning Styles, Strategies and Teaching Methods: An Investigative Research Based on Multicultural -EAL Primary PupilsSHEIKH, NORA NOUR
2019-10Towards Evidence-Based Practice: Investigating Attitudes, Practices and Perception of Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students at a Higher Education Institution in Abu DhabiGabor, Marian Grace
2013-02Towards the Future of Leadership in UAE Organizations: Leveraging DiversityChaya, Shireen N.
2011-05A tracer study of french baccalaureat graduates enrolled in the American universities of the UAEKaranouh, Rola Sultan
2011-04Tracking Error in Index FundsHasan, Abdel Salam Abu
2015Training and Development: Developing Global Leaders and ExpatriatesPinnington, Ashly, H.; Debrah, Y. A.; Rees, C.
2012-09Training and Self-Rated Performance in the UAE Free Zones ContextAl Mazmi, Shaikha Ali
2014-05Training in the UAE Context of Talent Management Initiatives: A Semi-Government Organisation Case StudyAl Suwaidi, Nawal Rashed
2014-05The Transferability between L1 (Arabic) and L2 (English) Reading ComprehensionEl-Ashiry, Mahmoud
2018-10Transformational Leadership and Successful Practices during Crisis Time: an Exploratory Case Study in the Context of a Private University in DubaiMOHAMMED, MONA ALI AWWAD
2012Transformational Leadership in a Public Sector AgencyPinnington, Ashly H.; Abdallah, H. G.
2002Transformational Leadership, Corporate Cultism and the Spirituality Paradigm: An Unholy Trinity in the Workplace?Pinnington, Ashly, H.; Tourish, Dennis.
2018-02Transforming School: Role of School Leadership in Managing Educational Change – A Case Study of an American School in DubaiTABASSUM, ASMA
2002Transforming the Architect: Ownership Form and Archetype ChangePinnington, Ashly, H.; Morris, Timothy