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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Archetype Change in Professional Organizations: Survey Evidence from Large Law FirmsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Morris, Timothy
2004The Bush Myth: Internationalisation, Tradition and Community in the Australian ContextPinnington, Ashly, H.; Lafferty, George
2001Charles Handy: The Exemplary GuruPinnington, Ashly, H.
2011Competence development and career advancement in professional service firmsPinnington, Ashly, H.
2014Competence Regimes in PSF Internationalization and Professional CareersPinnington, Ashly, H.; Sandberg, J.
2014Corporate Social Responsibility in a Big 4 Accounting Firm: Employee Engagement in Blood Donation Drives in Developing CountriesPinnington, Ashly, H.; Al-Reyaysa, Meera; Chiba, Zubin.
2014Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE: A comparison of two different industry sectors‒Construction and EducationPinnington, Ashly, H.; Thomas, Betty
1999Employee response to continuous improvement groupsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Hammersley, Geraldine
2009Evaluating Leadership Development – A Democratic Leadership PerspectivePinnington, Ashly, H.; Tourish, Dennis J.
1998Evaluating strategic fit in professional service firmsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Morris, Timothy
2007Gender and the Network Structures of Social Capital in Professional-Client RelationshipsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Suseno, Yuliani; Gardner, John
2007The Global Restructuring of Legal Services Work? A Study of the Internationalisation of Australian Law FirmsPinnington, Ashly, H.; Gray, John T.
2004Guest Editor Introduction: Fakes, Copies and OriginalsPinnington, Ashly, H.
1995How far is IS/IT outsourcing enabling new organizational structure and competences?Pinnington, Ashly, H.; Woolcock, Peter
2003Human resource management in AustraliaPinnington, Ashly, H.; George, Lafferty
2007Human Resource Management: Ethics and EmploymentPinnington, Ashly, H.; Macklin, Rob; Campbell, Tom
2004The influence of financial participation and participation in decision making on employee job attitudesPinnington, Ashly, H.; Bakan, Ismail; Suseno, Yuliani; Money, Arthur
2010International Human Resource Management (3rd ed.).Pinnington, Ashly, H.; Harzing, Anne-Wil
2014International Human Resource Management (4th ed.).Pinnington, Ashly, H.; Harzing, Anne-Wil
2000Introduction to Human Resource ManagementPinnington, Ashly, H.; Edwards, Tony